[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.268 2011/09/24

Infinity Challenge <Speed> Special Last Story!

 Hurry! There is no time left. There's a mystery person watching the 7 members from afar! Uh-oh! Looks like there is going to be a battle between the mystery person and the members . This Infinity Challenge <Speed> special is action packed. With one failed beginning mission,  we witness Hong Chul's car being exploded!
The mission continues when a mission letter is delivered. It reads, "come to this location and send the email!". Agility, knowledge and flexibility are crucial to obtain all the hints to send the email. That's right all clues are needed; one missed clue can result in a failed mission! The members must rely and depend on each other to accomplish the missions. Will they be successful?
With the navigation, the members were brought to a secluded and dark empty space. There's a house in the middle of nowhere. The members enter in the house to obtain the password for the brief case. But, wait! It sounds suspiciously simple, a little too simple. Of course, it's a one-sided deal from the enemy! Finally, the identity of the voice is revealed.   What message was he trying to send to the members? The ending is a shocking twist. Stayed tune to find out what it is!

<Hanamana Concert Season 3>!

The Hanamana Concert began with a humble  history. It started at a small shop in 2007. Each year, it's getting bigger than the previous year.  Just last year, the members were given the opportunity to even perform at the University festival ! The songs from the <West Coast Highway Music Festival>, will be used for Hanamana concert season 3!.
Each member introduces us to his new partner. Hyung Don brings a man with a permed hair wig. Who can it be? The successor of the Seaway is being introduced as 'Shin Gil'. The successor has so much charisma,  even when she stands still she is just sparkling and shining! Jun Ha's partners' are also revealed- the sweet four men. They're so in-synch with Jun Ha's dance steps. They're great 'dongsengs' too, letting Jun Ha capture the spotlight. The introductions continue, there's a Lee Juk look-alike; CG and Park Bok are dressed to impress; Haha has two partners who have the height difference of 17cm. Unexpectedly, the only team that did an audition to pick out the best partner was...Hong Chul! He chooses the most perfect Psy look-alike. The members don't know how this concert is going to go, but they're going to have a concert anyway. How will they perform in an unknown destination? 

Source from iMBC

English subtitle for HANrel

The password is in the Rules page