[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.269 2011/10/01

Infinity Challenge <Hanamana Concert Season 3> Second Story!

There's cheering everywhere they go. It's such a motivating atmosphere! The members are back with even stronger allies. Ready or not. Here comes the actual concert! Following last week's episode, we find out more about the guests. The team names seem really interesting: irrelevant trio, Senti Haha,  four straight men, sweet sorrow. There's going to be so much excitement ; non-stop huri(?) dance shocks the studio; a movie star that acts even more like Psy than Psy himself. Sounds like there's going to be a super-strong line-up. Fighting, Hanamana performers!
We find out that only two teams can perform on a stage. The destination is unknown, but the Hanamana performers are expected to be full of energy on their stages. Are they really working or are they just having fun? Singing and having fun is becoming second nature to the performers.  The chosen stages are quite interesting, one of the stages is actually made of recycling boxes. The member of 'Shin Gil' is sure getting a lot of attention. She's getting 'of course' songs dedicated to her and more. The guys sure seem infatuated by her beauty. 

Source from iMBC

English subtitle for HANrel

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