[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.280 2011/12/17

Infinity Challenge <Haha VS Hong Chul Special!>

 There's been an ongoing feud between Haha and Hong Chul. In this episode, Haha declares war on Hong Chul. It's a battle between the two same-aged friends! The stake of this battle is huge; whoever wins will be called "hyung". Haha and Hong Chul get to choose the 3 games that they are each confident in winning. Will Hong Chul play dirty and select coin picking? We won't know until the next episode.

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.277 2011/11/26

Infinity Challenge <2012 Calendar Special!>

 It's that time of the year again. It's time for <Infinity Challenge 2012 Calendar special>.  Like the previous years, the location is selected by the members. There's 16 locations to choose from. Which location will it be? Drum roll... it's Gangwondo. Before they head off, Hong Chul plays the personal stylist role, dressing all the members. Will you trust Hong Chul's fashion sense? Just to give you a small glimpse, there's leggings and faux fur involved. Surprisingly, Jun Ha is selected to be the calendar's design editor (probably because he showed a hidden talent with drawing during the <Infinity Trading Company special>).
 The members are divided into 3 teams to discover happiness. Their mission today is to go around Gangwondo and act like the paparazzi, taking pictures of each other. The main theme of the pictures today is happiness. Of course capturing the moment is difficult. The members are no professional photographers, so there's a lot of unflattering angles; ones that will make you laugh out loud. Hong Chul's head size becomes the joke of the day.

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.276 2011/11/19

Infinity Challenge <TV War Special!> 2nd Episode

 Last week, we witnessed many TV programs being shut down . The battle continues this week. As more programs get eliminated the competition to stay on air gets more intense. Myung Soo continues to struggle with understanding the objective of the game. Let's just say If it weren't for Gil, Myung Soo would have been long gone.
 There's going to be plenty of sudden attacks; each program must stay on guard for their eliminator. Because in this game you snooze, you lose.  One moment of distraction could ruin the member's program . After a fierce battle, two top teams prevailed.  It's time for the final challenge. Along with the members that they have eliminated, the two winning programs now have to create a live broadcast  show.  At the end of the show, the team with the more audience on their side will win! The teams develop  very different strategies to win. Program #1 is very thorough in the preparation. From program material right down to the clothes to be wore, it is all planned. Program #2 is all about ratings. They spend the whole time calling celebrity friends, hoping to convince them to come boost ratings. With Song Joong Ki and Sunny from SNSD, will this be enough to win? Find out on this episode of Infinity Challenge.

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.275 2011/11/12

Infinity Challenge <TV War Special!> 1st Episode

 Something exciting is about to happen on Infinity Challenge this week. Each member is getting his own broadcasting program! A program in which his name is featured in the name of the program. Welcome to Haha's, Jae Suk's, Gil's, Jun Ha's, Myung Soo's, Hong Chul's and Hyung Don's TV! Each member is given a camera, a camera man and two hours worth of tape for recording his program. But of course it's not that simple and unoriginal. What better way to make the program more interesting than to have each member steal an assigned member's tape for more broadcasting time. It's really killing two birds with one stone, eliminating others and securing more air time. The last one standing will have the program all to himself. The tail chasing game is on! Will the members attempt to take their opponents down solo or will they team up? Watch as they try to protect their cameras and steal more air time.

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.274 2011/11/05

Infinity Challenge <SAT Special!>

 5 years ago, the Infinity Challenge members went down a trip to memory lane by having a special episode on the SAT. 5 years later and what are they up to now? Yes, you've guessed it. They're at it again! It's the  <SAT Special> again. But this time it's bigger and better. They invited actual competitors. There's going to be different levels of this competitions. The guest s include students from university(not just any university...Seoul University!!), high school, junior high, grade 5, grade 2, and lastly kindergarten.  At the start of the level(s), listen to Junha humiliate himself and the team  with his cheesy motivational cheers for the team. You won't be able to help it but to cringe. Will the members be able to redeem themselves from the last SAT special or will they humiliate themselves even more!? Please stay tuned to find out.

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.273 2011/10/29

Infinity Challenge <Best Friend Special!> 2nd Episode

 Now that they've gotten over the getting-to-know one another part of the relationship, each participant is actively attempting to win the heart of his "one". The better be quick because lunch time is coming! One participant chooses to bribe, the other chooses to show his talent (?); all this is to avoid being a lunch loner. As you may have predicted, the lunch loner didn't take the news very well. He threathened to leave friendship town on multiple occasions, only to realize he had no money to go home! Next up is the survival chicken fight. The winner of this game is given the honor of deciding the date couples. That's right, they're going on dates. What would be a better activity to do on first a date than discussing their feelings...over picking each other's ears (?). Which participants will be a couple in the end? The finale is filled with twists and betrayals. Stay tuned!

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.272 2011/10/22

Infinity Challenge <Best Friend Special!> 1st Episode

 This week the members are gathered in 'Friendship town'. Here each member will try to find his best friend. A true friend that will go through thick and thin. Once friends, nothing will separate them but death. Welcome to the Infinity Challenge <Best Friend Special>!

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.271 2011/10/15

Infinity Challenge <2011 a tale of rabbit and turtle>

 This week on Infinity Challenge, the members play characters of an ancient folk tale. Once upon a time, there was a Dragon King. He ruled a palace under the sea. As the years go by, his health slowly deteriorated. Fortunately, there was a cure for the king's illness- a rabbit's liver. The turtles- the commoners of the sea all scramble to get their hands on some rabbits, who live on land. The members play both the turtles and the rabbits. Ready, set, go! And so their adventure begins!

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.185 2009/12/26

Infinity Challenge <Gangs of New York>

 Next we are introduced to Infinity's mafia special. The boss is murdered. The spy who betrayed and killed the boss is amongst the members.  The members are role playing once again. There's gentle Mr. Mouth, yelling Mr. Angry, largest silhouette Mr. Big, awkward Mr. Quiet and creepy eyes Mr. Crazy. The members must not let their guard down, not even for a second. They cannot trust anyone. While finding clues that will lead them to the spy, they have to watch each other. Who is the rat amongst the group?

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.184 2009/12/19

Infinity Challenge <2010 Calendar> Special 2

 The members all compete to get the best looking 12 photos. Because you know...they are only 12 months in a year; hence, only the best looking 12 photos will be selected to be in the calendar. Who? What? How? The fate of photo shoot is all dependent on a dartboard? There are three components to a photoshoot:  a member, event,  and action that leads to this event. Who's doing what in CBR? The members do what during Gil's first kiss? It's so absurd, it's funny!

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.183 2009/12/12

Infinity Challenge <The Devils Wear Gurida> 2nd Episode

 The members are going to Manhattan’s hottest club! The hottest club is of course for the hottest people....which the members are not. They are so out of place. Watch as they awkwardly try to fit in the club. One word- awwwkwwwaaaard!

Infinity Challenge <2010 Calendar> Special

 It's Calendar making time! Just wait until you see the June calendar  (which the members were sent to New York to do). Jae Suk, Myung Soo and Hong Chul all become Venuses!

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.182 2009/12/05

Infinity Challenge <The Devils Wear Gurida Special> 1st Episode

 Infinity Challenge members are all dreaming of becoming fashionistas. From shockingly big corsages to head-to-toe color matching. The members are all dressed up! The members are all relaxed enjoying their  luxurious bruch time until Miranda, editor in chef suddenly calls the members for a mission. Of course there's a time limit and very little tolerance for mistakes. Don't forget they are in New York. With very limited English, will they be able to get Miranda's order right? A double shot of espresso soy latte with a little bit of foam and two cups. The winning team will get to be on the calendar with the most famous star in United States. Stay tuned!

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.181 2009/11/28

Infinity Challenge <Food Special> Last Episode

 We find out that the battle of the teams is being taken place at a famous Korean restaurant in Manhattan. Winning this mission will bring the team great honor. The winning team 's menu will actually be showcased as the official menu for the restaurant! They must prepare a menu to serve to the actual customers who visit the restaurant. Crazy, right!? What kind of reaction will the New Yorker's have to Infinity Challenge's Korean food? Jae Suk is going with the traditional style cooking and Myung Soo is going with fusion. Which team will prevail?

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.180 2009/11/21

Infinity Challenge <Food Special> 3rd Episode

 The members are on a mission to find the best tasting foods. This time, they even go to America.
They are on a mission to share with America  Korea's culture of food. But this wouldn't be fun without a little competition. The members are divided into two teams, one with Jae Suk as the leader and the other with Myung Soo. But since they know nothing about cooking, the teams are getting a little help from two head chefs. The members have a big load on their shoulders because they will be cooking Korean cuisine for Americans. From selecting their own ingredients to executing the dishes, the members are doing it all. Keeping the traditional elements of Korean cooking while considering the appealing flavors to Americans is proving to be a challenge. Will the Infinity Challenge members be successful at capturing the hearts of Americans with their food?

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.270 2011/10/08

Infinity Challenge <Hanamana Concert Season 3> Last Story!

The episode begins at the last stage of the Hanamana concert- the air force runway. Once the soldiers see the female member of 'Shin Gil', they repeat her name again and again. But the performers are chosen by the luck of the draw. Will the goddess be able to perform? Which teams will be selected to stand before these young men to perform? One group is especially lucky. Getting chosen to perform in three consecutive concerts!!!

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.269 2011/10/01

Infinity Challenge <Hanamana Concert Season 3> Second Story!

There's cheering everywhere they go. It's such a motivating atmosphere! The members are back with even stronger allies. Ready or not. Here comes the actual concert! Following last week's episode, we find out more about the guests. The team names seem really interesting: irrelevant trio, Senti Haha,  four straight men, sweet sorrow. There's going to be so much excitement ; non-stop huri(?) dance shocks the studio; a movie star that acts even more like Psy than Psy himself. Sounds like there's going to be a super-strong line-up. Fighting, Hanamana performers!

[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.268 2011/09/24

Infinity Challenge <Speed> Special Last Story!

 Hurry! There is no time left. There's a mystery person watching the 7 members from afar! Uh-oh! Looks like there is going to be a battle between the mystery person and the members . This Infinity Challenge <Speed> special is action packed. With one failed beginning mission,  we witness Hong Chul's car being exploded!
The mission continues when a mission letter is delivered. It reads, "come to this location and send the email!". Agility, knowledge and flexibility are crucial to obtain all the hints to send the email. That's right all clues are needed; one missed clue can result in a failed mission! The members must rely and depend on each other to accomplish the missions. Will they be successful?