[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.270 2011/10/08

Infinity Challenge <Hanamana Concert Season 3> Last Story!

The episode begins at the last stage of the Hanamana concert- the air force runway. Once the soldiers see the female member of 'Shin Gil', they repeat her name again and again. But the performers are chosen by the luck of the draw. Will the goddess be able to perform? Which teams will be selected to stand before these young men to perform? One group is especially lucky. Getting chosen to perform in three consecutive concerts!!!

 Infinity Challenge <Infinity Trading Company>!

Seven men working hard towards the same goal- promotion. Jae Suk plays the young manager. A young nagging manager that is. Myung Soo is the assistant manager. Jun Ha is an team lead who takes a million years just to get a promotion. Will he be showing his some middle age power?  Next is Hyong Don, the one and only experienced employee from a well-known large company.  There's also Elite Hong Chul and a very different Haha who was employed the same time as Hong Chul. Don't forget the intern of 3 years, Gil. I'm sure many can relate to the hierarchy portrayed in this episode. Seven very different characters, stay tuned to find out about their dramatic work life.

Source from iMBC

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