[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.271 2011/10/15

Infinity Challenge <2011 a tale of rabbit and turtle>

 This week on Infinity Challenge, the members play characters of an ancient folk tale. Once upon a time, there was a Dragon King. He ruled a palace under the sea. As the years go by, his health slowly deteriorated. Fortunately, there was a cure for the king's illness- a rabbit's liver. The turtles- the commoners of the sea all scramble to get their hands on some rabbits, who live on land. The members play both the turtles and the rabbits. Ready, set, go! And so their adventure begins!

 The members all arrive at a running track. Suddenly the race start gun goes off! They don't know why, but they're racing! According to their rank, the members are split into different groups. What could possibly be the next mission? You guessed it. It's liver time! It's turtles versus rabbits. If the turtles manage to catch a rabbit within the time limit, the King will survive and the turtles will be rewarded with a treasure. This isn't an easy task because the rabbits aren't completely stupid either; with their quick feet and wit, the rabbits are good at dodging the turtles. Time is ticking! What would be the fate of the Dragon king?

 Next up is the mountain tiger's birthday party. Both the rabbits and the turtles are invited. There's a talent show held to show case all the animal's talent. Hurray, there's going to be some dancing! In return for their hard work , the members get 'lucky bags'. Only one bag in each team will help the team win. What's in this surprise gift from the tiger?

 The timeline is getting shorter by the minute. Will the turtles be able to get the rabbit's liver and save the King's life?

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