[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.272 2011/10/22

Infinity Challenge <Best Friend Special!> 1st Episode

 This week the members are gathered in 'Friendship town'. Here each member will try to find his best friend. A true friend that will go through thick and thin. Once friends, nothing will separate them but death. Welcome to the Infinity Challenge <Best Friend Special>!

 Today, the members enter the town and introduce themselves not by their names but by their assigned numbers. We are later reminded that this number is a reflection of their looks (based on the episode where their looks were judged worldwide). No. 1 being Hong Chul and No. 7 being Myung Soo.  (Pretty self explanatory as to who is the best looking). As expected, there is awkwardness when the participants are introduced to one another. But it didn't take long for the different personalities to show and clash.

 The participants begin the get-to-know one another process. Each participant is put on the spot introducing themselves and answering the others' questions. The other participants score the member based on his ability to present himself. And the scores are... pretty unexpected. You didn't think I was going to tell you, did you? Next, the participants pick the person who they found to be most attractive by using the zoom function on the camera (keeping it a secret from everyone else). Who will be chosen as the most attractive person? Be prepared, there's going to be a lot of ice-breaking fun activities. 

Source from iMBC

English subtitle for HANrel

The password is in the Rules page