[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.280 2011/12/17

Infinity Challenge <Haha VS Hong Chul Special!>

 There's been an ongoing feud between Haha and Hong Chul. In this episode, Haha declares war on Hong Chul. It's a battle between the two same-aged friends! The stake of this battle is huge; whoever wins will be called "hyung". Haha and Hong Chul get to choose the 3 games that they are each confident in winning. Will Hong Chul play dirty and select coin picking? We won't know until the next episode.

Infinity Challenge <Infinity Express Special!> 1st Episode

 Last episode we saw the members creating the calendar. There's something different from last year though, the members are personally delivering the calendars. Of course the members can't deliver the calendars to all the districts so they have to randomly select which areas to visit. What better way to select things randomly then to do it Infinity Challenge style- with a roulette! C'mon you know the drill by now. Though the mission sounds simple enough- deliver as many calendars as possible within the delivery times from 9Am to 7PM; there's a twist. The calendars are for sale for only 50 cents and the members can rely solely on the earnings made from the calendars to cover the cost of fuel and food. Let's hope that all people who ordered the calendar are home, or else the members might not even have enough gas to go home!

Source from iMBC

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