[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.277 2011/11/26

Infinity Challenge <2012 Calendar Special!>

 It's that time of the year again. It's time for <Infinity Challenge 2012 Calendar special>.  Like the previous years, the location is selected by the members. There's 16 locations to choose from. Which location will it be? Drum roll... it's Gangwondo. Before they head off, Hong Chul plays the personal stylist role, dressing all the members. Will you trust Hong Chul's fashion sense? Just to give you a small glimpse, there's leggings and faux fur involved. Surprisingly, Jun Ha is selected to be the calendar's design editor (probably because he showed a hidden talent with drawing during the <Infinity Trading Company special>).
 The members are divided into 3 teams to discover happiness. Their mission today is to go around Gangwondo and act like the paparazzi, taking pictures of each other. The main theme of the pictures today is happiness. Of course capturing the moment is difficult. The members are no professional photographers, so there's a lot of unflattering angles; ones that will make you laugh out loud. Hong Chul's head size becomes the joke of the day.

Source from iMBC

English Subtitle for HANrel

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