[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.273 2011/10/29

Infinity Challenge <Best Friend Special!> 2nd Episode

 Now that they've gotten over the getting-to-know one another part of the relationship, each participant is actively attempting to win the heart of his "one". The better be quick because lunch time is coming! One participant chooses to bribe, the other chooses to show his talent (?); all this is to avoid being a lunch loner. As you may have predicted, the lunch loner didn't take the news very well. He threathened to leave friendship town on multiple occasions, only to realize he had no money to go home! Next up is the survival chicken fight. The winner of this game is given the honor of deciding the date couples. That's right, they're going on dates. What would be a better activity to do on first a date than discussing their feelings...over picking each other's ears (?). Which participants will be a couple in the end? The finale is filled with twists and betrayals. Stay tuned!

Source from iMBC

English subtitle for HANrel

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