[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.274 2011/11/05

Infinity Challenge <SAT Special!>

 5 years ago, the Infinity Challenge members went down a trip to memory lane by having a special episode on the SAT. 5 years later and what are they up to now? Yes, you've guessed it. They're at it again! It's the  <SAT Special> again. But this time it's bigger and better. They invited actual competitors. There's going to be different levels of this competitions. The guest s include students from university(not just any university...Seoul University!!), high school, junior high, grade 5, grade 2, and lastly kindergarten.  At the start of the level(s), listen to Junha humiliate himself and the team  with his cheesy motivational cheers for the team. You won't be able to help it but to cringe. Will the members be able to redeem themselves from the last SAT special or will they humiliate themselves even more!? Please stay tuned to find out.

Source from iMBC

English subtitle for HANrel

The password is in the Rules page