[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.275 2011/11/12

Infinity Challenge <TV War Special!> 1st Episode

 Something exciting is about to happen on Infinity Challenge this week. Each member is getting his own broadcasting program! A program in which his name is featured in the name of the program. Welcome to Haha's, Jae Suk's, Gil's, Jun Ha's, Myung Soo's, Hong Chul's and Hyung Don's TV! Each member is given a camera, a camera man and two hours worth of tape for recording his program. But of course it's not that simple and unoriginal. What better way to make the program more interesting than to have each member steal an assigned member's tape for more broadcasting time. It's really killing two birds with one stone, eliminating others and securing more air time. The last one standing will have the program all to himself. The tail chasing game is on! Will the members attempt to take their opponents down solo or will they team up? Watch as they try to protect their cameras and steal more air time.

Source from iMBC

English Subtitle for HANrel

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