[Eng Sub] Infinity Challenge EP.276 2011/11/19

Infinity Challenge <TV War Special!> 2nd Episode

 Last week, we witnessed many TV programs being shut down . The battle continues this week. As more programs get eliminated the competition to stay on air gets more intense. Myung Soo continues to struggle with understanding the objective of the game. Let's just say If it weren't for Gil, Myung Soo would have been long gone.
 There's going to be plenty of sudden attacks; each program must stay on guard for their eliminator. Because in this game you snooze, you lose.  One moment of distraction could ruin the member's program . After a fierce battle, two top teams prevailed.  It's time for the final challenge. Along with the members that they have eliminated, the two winning programs now have to create a live broadcast  show.  At the end of the show, the team with the more audience on their side will win! The teams develop  very different strategies to win. Program #1 is very thorough in the preparation. From program material right down to the clothes to be wore, it is all planned. Program #2 is all about ratings. They spend the whole time calling celebrity friends, hoping to convince them to come boost ratings. With Song Joong Ki and Sunny from SNSD, will this be enough to win? Find out on this episode of Infinity Challenge.

Source from iMBC

English Subtitle for HANrel

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